Tsunoda delivered some great performances

The 21-year-old Japanese racing driver, Yuki Tsunoda has a bright future ahead, but his early-season has been a struggle. It’s not easy for any driver to do well in F1 in the early seasons and we talked with the driver to learn how he is dealing with all of this.

It is his rookie Formula 1 season and so far it has not been as he might have expected it to be. Not much has gone his way and his results have been given less importance than his team radio messages. So this gives you an idea of how his season has been so far. But it wasn’t like this from the beginning, in fact, in pre-season testing, he delivered some great performances. He has much to regret this season, but he has learned a lot from this tough experience and he is frank about these problems.

He says the season has been much difficult than what he was expecting, probably because he thought it will be too easy before the season began. Things didn’t go well when the racing started, but he has accepted his mistakes and wants to improve and continue learning. It has been difficult for him, but this is a tough competition and it is certainly important if he wants to do well in the upcoming races.

He did really well in testing as well as formula 2 and formula 3, so it was a surprise to see him struggle in this way in F1, but what’s great is that he is accepting mistakes and not making excuses or boasting about his positives.

The Red Bull’s chief motorsport advisor does not like the driver’s lack of discipline. They have decided to move him from the UK to Italy. He will be a part of a team that knows how to nurture young drivers, so, he can benefit greatly from this. There is no need to keep him under the radar or on a tight leash, he only needs to be mold, so he can fulfill his potential.