The toymakers for this brilliant chance

The corporate is offering a brilliant chance to the local toymakers to sell their products online through the store’s platform. The company conducted a reality TV-style contest to select the toymakers for this brilliant chance.

The winners of this contest are allowed to get online distribution on the company’s online platform. Gary Murphy, when he was a child got a wood wagon as a gift for his birthday. It was in 1942 and that toy became an important part of his childhood and not only his children but also the grandchildren got to play with it. He has now turned 72, and he thinks others should get a chance to enjoy a durable toy as well. This is the reason he is building and selling these toys.

He heard from somewhere that the brand is conducting a contest to find the best American-made toys that are not popular. He was pretty confident that his toys can help him win this contest, so he entered the contest without any hesitation. And, in the end, he won the content along with another manufacturer.

He participated with his Wagon of Blocks and was announced the winner in the 1- to the 3-year old category. He owns CircaToys, Franklin, N.C. The contest was called the Next Great Toymaker, and it offered an opportunity to small toy manufacturers in the country. Only the businesses with 50 or fewer employees were allowed to participate and get an opportunity to sell their toys through platform’s online store. A panel of judges picked the winners based on different factors including quality and relevance.

The vice president of e-commerce for the brand said that these toys with their classic style and unparalleled craftsmanship can offer great value to our customers. However, the brand didn’t make any further comments.

The company will also host a competition this year. They announced this through their official platform and added that they are happy with the success of the last contest. They are urging all the local toymakers with quality products to compete in the contest.