Skoda customers’ favorite for twenty years

Skoda created a brand that has been the customers’ favorite for twenty years. Before this brand was launched, things were not so good for the company and it was nothing more than a laughing stock.

But after the first vehicle’s launch, the laughter came to an end and Skoda gave a clear message to its haters as well as the customers that things are going to be different now. The company always offered value and practicality with its models but with the new vehicles, it also offered amazing levels of performance unmatched by the earlier vehicles.

The vRS models have been extremely successful in the UK, more than anywhere else. So, it seemed only right to celebrate the brand’s success by driving one of the latest vehicles with the older versions.

The 180 RS and 200 RS were revealed in 1974, and they were to compete in racing and rallying competitions. Only three examples of these hand-built prototypes were manufactured. With the launch of the 130 RS, the company entered the realm of high-performance cars. It was produced in small numbers.

When Volkswagen Group took over the brand in 1990, its investment and R&D resources allowed the company to produce the first all-new model, the Octavia, launched in 1996. The vehicle was based on the same platform as Seat Leon and the first Audi A3. We have the company’s Europe value chain vice president to thank for this.

The vehicle cost less than the Golf GTI and this priced-to-sell value added to the brand’s appeal. The Mk1 Fabia vRS, one of the most likable cars from the company, is also a good example of this. It cost less than almost every petrol rival. The vRS brand has played an important role in the growth of the company and driving its new as well as the old vehicles was a great experience for us.