Roles including dealer operations director

Lisa Brankin was appointed as the managing director last October after working in the company for around 30 years. She joined as a graduate trainee and has worked in different departments and performed different roles including dealer operations director.

We don’t think they could have picked a better person for this job and she has what it would take to keep the company at the top of the sales charts. We asked her whether her work experience within the company would make this new role easier for her and she said even though she never expected to become the managing director she is prepared for it, given that she has worked in a lot of departments.

She said she wasn’t afraid or anxious when she was asked to take this role; she only felt excited. Furthermore, she knows the brand very well and knows what she needs to do to keep the company at the top and she is happy that she has been presented with exciting opportunities. We also asked her how difficult it was to run such a company in times of crisis. She said she and her whole team have to do a lot of work and face great stress, but just like any other company they want to do what’s right, and they put their colleagues’ safety first.

She says the shortage has affected their business just like every other company and now they have to ask their customers to wait a while before we deliver the order to them. We used to have enough cars in stock, so this situation is not ideal but we are happy that the customers have been patient and they are cooperating with us. Nothing can be said for certain, but we are hopeful that things will change by the end of this year.