Mustang Bullitt’s character remains the same

Despite the changes or modifications, the Mustang Bullitt’s character remains the same. If we test hundreds of cars, only a few will get our attention like this vehicle.

The outward appearance is just like the original model that we have seen in the 1968 American film Bullitt. Your first impression might be that it’s just another restoration project, but a project done well. The company produced over 280,560 models in a single year, so the restorers who have set their eyes on this model have a lot of models to restore. When you get closer to the vehicle and examine it, you realize that your first impression was wrong.

What you will realize is that it only resembles the original model in its looks and apart from that it’s completely different. It has been built by Revology, a company based in Orlando that has taken the license from Ford to rebuild its vehicles. It uses a V8 engine and a six-speed automatic gearbox. The original model had a 4-speed manual.

The driving experience is sweeter, thanks to the modern brakes, pinion steering, and double-wishbone front suspension. The vehicle’s reliability and performance are also better, due to the new gearbox and engine. How good this vehicle depends on what are your expectations. It has two pedals, making it easy to drive.

If you go for a long drive, you will enjoy comfort due to the adjustability in the steering column. But don’t expect much outright support from the seats. There is a high and wide transmission tunnel, which in our view is the major modification to the cabin.

The vehicle is easy to use and offers added performance as well as several mod-cons and this is exactly what the company is known for, so it knows how to execute it well. But whether that could justify its price, we can’t say that for sure. Every individual can have a different opinion. If you like classic cars and want the convenience that only a modern vehicle can offer, then this is a good option for you, of course, only if you can afford it easily.