McLaren in its age of electrification

McLaren Artura represents the company’s new era of electrification. It’s the first clean sheet supercar from the company since the very significant 12C, launch 8 years ago.

The vehicle has an all-new design and it shows what to expect from the company in its age of electrification. The orders for the plug-in hybrid vehicle can be placed now. It offers excellent performance as well as a good battery-only range and fuel economy.

Its powertrain has a new engine, a motor, and a battery, but it weighs just a little more than the 720S. The power is transferred through the new eight-speed gearbox. The company has taken good weight-saving measures. What’s interesting is that with this vehicle the company is adopting a new policy to use names to distinguish its models and not numbers. The model is positioned above the current GT but below the 720S. The company has also announced that they are developing a fully electric model and it will make its debut in 2025.

The vehicle has a lighter Central carbon fiber with an aluminum rear subframe that will provide support to the engine. The new passenger cell weighs less than a hundred kilograms. Three handling modes will be offered to the drivers: Comfort, Sport, and Track.

Almost everything about the vehicle’s structure is new, but there isn’t much difference in size. The company started a weight-saving campaign a few years ago, and that’s the main reason for the vehicle’s low curb weight. The company’s CEO has said that the vehicle’s debut is a significant moment for them.

The new petrol engine was created specifically for this vehicle. It looks similar in size to the transmission bell housing. The bell housing has an electric motor that supports the engine. In electric-only mode, it can travel a good distance at a good speed. The vehicle’s launch will be a landmark moment for the company and it will propel them into the new electrification era.