Manufacturers to offer an anniversary special

Volkswagen has launched the most expensive Golf GTI ever, the Clubsport 45. The vehicle is also more expensive than the Golf R. It is very common nowadays for the manufacturers to offer an anniversary special.

It’s not the first time that the company is celebrating the Golf GTI’s birthday, it has done it several times, and after every five years since 2007. Some models were quite impressive and there are high expectations from the latest model. Keep in mind that the Golf R offers more power output even though both vehicles have the same petrol engine and it offers both front and rear-wheel drive. So asking such a price for this vehicle is probably not a good idea and there might not be many people who would consider buying this vehicle.

The model is based on the GTI Clubsport as indicated by its name. The GTI Clubsport is in our view a better vehicle and we like it more. Because it’s a Clubsport version, it gets more power, the rear axle is more mobile, and the front camber is increased. It has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic and there is no manual option.

Mechanically, the vehicle is not different from the standard model, except for the exhaust. The vehicle doesn’t offer some important features as standard including a rearview camera, adaptive dampers, and an infotainments system. If you want these features, you have to pay an extra price. The steering response is good and it could be extremely agile.

Even though we think that it could have been better, it’s a fine car. It is sharper than the standard GTI and its reasonably communicative. Compared to many of its rivals like the Ford Focus ST, it’s more composed on tougher roads.

The vehicle is a limited-edition special, but we think that the car on which it is based is a better option. But it’s up to you, maybe you would like this vehicle more than us and consider it worth buying.