Lineup is part of a revival plan

Alfa Romeo is planning to launch a new line-up that can include a supermini, a saloon, SUVs, and more. The range-topper would be the electric version of the GTV. This vehicle as well as the lineup is part of a revival plan. A range of models is under consideration by the company’s new CEO who aims to speed up the electrification process and adopt other key technologies as well. Electric GTV will most likely be the flagship for this lineup. He said that the decision is not final yet, so they can’t make an announcement, but he is very interested in the GTV.

We have learned that the CEO has been presented with several proposals for the revival of the vehicle including a 2 door coupe version and a 4 door coupe version. The proposals present the option of both an electrified combustion engine and just the electric engine.

The company had plans to launch a two-door version of the Giulia saloon and use the GTV name for it, but it wasn’t introduced even though it entered the production phase. This is not the first time that the CEO would be using retro designs to turn them into electric versions. When he was the CEO of Peugeot he gave the approval for the e-Legend concept. The company couldn’t launch the production version, because the vehicle was commercially unviable, but Alfa Romeo is in a better position to launch a premium-priced electric coup.

Foamed in January, Stellantis control 13 brands including Alfa Romeo. Under the leadership of the new CEO, the company is planning a renewal of its lineup by 2025. The new models will be based on new platforms and use electrified drivetrains. To manage this revival strategy, he has created a team of managers including over 36 individuals. He thinks the company can become the global premium brand of Stellantis.