Left-hand drive wouldn’t be a big obstacle

The Citroen Ami EV, launched in 2020, is very likely to arrive in the UK, according to the company’s moss. More than 9,770 people have shown interest in purchasing the vehicle, and the increasing interest could result in its UK launch.

The boss says that the chances for the vehicle to arrive in the UK were 72%, a few months ago, but now there is a 86% chance that the vehicle could be launched in the UK next year. He also added that if they decide to bring the vehicle to the UK, they will launch both versions, the standard EV and the one-seat cargo version.

However, it would not arrive as a right-hand drive vehicle. The left-hand drive wouldn’t be a big obstacle, as it usually is, and where it is a big deal, due to the small size of the cart there is not much difference between the steering wheel being on the left or the right.

It’s a Category 6 quadricycle and it will be subjected to different rules and won’t qualify for the government’s grant. The price has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be similar to the cost of the French market version. The managing director said that the demand to bring the vehicle here is very high. The vehicle represents what their brand is all about; it’s fun and unconventional. The company has brought some models to the UK to test them and even after the initial test, their intentions to bring the model here remain the same.

The company is hoping that the vehicle will attract new buyers as the demand for traditional entry-level cars has reduced. Three Usage models of the vehicle are being offered in Europe. You can either get the vehicle on rent for the long term, share it, or purchase it.