Induction kit that has a custom aluminum chamber

Who would have thought that a tuning company would take the Ford Puma ST and improve its performance? Well, it has happened and if you are a Puma ST admirer, you would definitely be happy about it.

The Essex-based tuning company called Montune is known for improving the performance of models like the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus, and the Puma ST is the latest model to receive the treatment from the tuning Company. They have modified the vehicle’s three-cylinder engine to deliver even a more powerful performance.

The torque output has also improved. The improvements have been made due to the remapped ECU. Its programming has been made easy due to the OBD dongle. To upgrade the power you have to plug the transponder into the diagnostics port and then use your phone and select the power upgrade. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete the process.

You can choose to only upgrade the software but if you want your vehicle to deliver the best performance, the company recommends hardware changes as well. It will have an alloy intercooler and associated plumbing, meant to keep the temperatures down. You can also opt for the induction kit that has a custom aluminum chamber. The car we tested had a rear exhaust silencer as well. The vehicle will go on sale in a short time.

The vehicle drives just like the standard version, which is a good thing, but it delivers its power in a better way. Compared to the Fiesta, it’s less expressive and entertaining.

If you want to purchase Puma ST, then we recommend purchasing this version. It offers extra power and torque which makes it a better car to drive. It’s quicker and more appealing but it is also more expensive and less entertaining than the Fiesta ST and less usable than the Focus ST.