Imitate what Volkswagen did with the ID4

Skoda has launched two versions of its electric SUV, Enyaq. With this vehicle, the company has tried to imitate what Volkswagen did with the ID4, which was based on Volkswagen MEB electric platform and had batteries under the floor, and at the back, there was a motor.

On paper, it looks good and the numbers are great, probably because, it’s a battery-electric vehicle. The other version has a bigger battery, it produces more power output, offers a higher WLTP range, and it weighs more as well.

Both versions have 48kW charging capability as standard and there are higher charge capability options as well. The 78 produces more power output, so it’s a bit quicker, but there isn’t much difference. The company changed the prices of the vehicle shortly before it was to go on sale, due to the modifications that the government made to the plug-in vehicle grant.

The vehicle looks elegant from the outside and inside it seems well finished. It has got a simple digital dashboard, which would be good enough for many. Unlike the 80, the 60 doesn’t offer the option of paddles on the steering wheel, which we think isn’t a good decision.

We can recommend buying this vehicle, as the company has made a good effort with it. The vehicle offers great interior and storage space, which shows it has made good use of the skateboard-like platform. It’s spacious, airy, family-friendly and it offers a great driving experience, which is a bonus we think. But it doesn’t mean, we will recommend the vehicle to everyone, as there are many who are not yet ready to own a battery-electric vehicle. And we also think that the high capability charge options should have been provided as standard because it can be an issue at the time of resale. It is a reasonable choice if you want a decent battery-powered vehicle with Skoda sensibility.