George Russell doesn’t mind waiting

The 24 years old British racing driver, George Russell failed to score his first points in a Williams at the recent event, despite being so close, but he isn’t much bothered about it, nor his future. He will be a part of the Mercedes team for the 2022 season and it’s up to Mercedes to take a decision. We will soon find out whether he will stay with Williams for another season or be a part of Lewis Hamilton’s team. But, he does not need to convince Mercedes.

He joined Mercedes in 2016 and he has done about a hundred days on the simulator for them. He communicates with them constantly after every race and he often finds himself in a strange position, because in the end, it’s their decision where he should race. Furthermore, he says it’s completely up to them, but what I can do is do a good job and show my potential.

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet. The Finnish racing driver, Valtteri Bottas is trying to get big results and compete in the next season as well. Lewis Hamilton is going to retire eventually and Mercedes wouldn’t want to be left with nothing. We have seen this happen before in 2016 when Nico Rosberg won the World Championship. He defeated Hamilton and decided to retire right after, and the company was left with nothing. Bottas stood up, but he took some time to get going. The company doesn’t want the same thing to happen again, so when Hamilton retires, they would want another team leader to take his place straight away.

No doubt, Bottas is very good and the only thing that didn’t work in his favor was that he was the partner of Hamilton, who is widely regarded as the greatest Formula 1 driver ever. But Russell isn’t much bothered about the fact that he might have to go against Lewis. He says that everyone would like the opportunity to compete with the best driver. I would love this too, and I don’t think there would be much pressure on me, as it will be a win-win scenario for me. If I ever compete with Lewis Hamilton, this is the mentality that I would go with. I would have nothing to lose, so it would be a brilliant opportunity for me.