Final suspension tune for the UK roads

Toyota has introduced the first-ever Yaris Cross. It’s a subcompact crossover SUV with great overall features. The vehicle has taken the underpinnings from Yaris as well as the hybrid powertrains. It has a higher ride height, the suspension has been reworked, boxy bodywork has been added.

If you are wondering why the company felt a need to launch a Toyota Yaris Cross, the answer is very simple. The market for cars that combine the dimensions of a small car with the SUV styling is growing, and Nissan Juke and Ford Puma are great examples of this. Toyota has a rich experience in small cars and SUV design and engineering and this vehicle offer it all. The hybrid powertrain can play its part as well and make the vehicle stand out in such a difficult market.

We drove the pre-production prototype, which, according to the company doesn’t represent the final model and will be given a final suspension tune for the UK roads. The vehicle will be delivered to the customer in the UK from September. It will be offered in the UK dynamic grade trim as well as a European adventure trim, and both are fairly similar. The company has also announced the starting prices.

The vehicle uses the same platform as the Yaris and its style also seems to be inspired by the supermini sibling. Even though the wheelbase is identical, it’s longer and offers a bigger boot capacity.

The power output is the same as the regular model, but the system has been tuned for this version, according to the company. The fuel economy is impressive but it’s not as good as the regular Yaris. The car we tested was a front-wheel-drive machine, but an all-wheel-drive version will also be available in the future.

The vehicle seems to be a good addition to this segment and even though it’s not the most engaging vehicle, it offers good round functionality. With its agreeable character, it’s one of the best options in this class.