F8 Tributo is nearing its production end

The third electrified vehicle from Ferrari has been unwrapped, called the 296 GTB. The vehicle is part of the company’s Berlinetta sports car family and it’s the third mainstream electric offering after the two halo hybrid hypercars that it has launched previously.

The V8 engine has been replaced by the all-new hybridized V6 Engine. The F8 Tributo is nearing its production end and the new vehicle is meant to complement the model. Ferrari is not the only company to swap V8 with V6, McLaren has also done the same earlier this year. The vehicle will be delivered to the customers in Europe in the first quarter of the next year.

It’s the first time that a V6 Engine is being used by a road car wearing this badge. The company did use this engine for entry-level sports cars a few decades ago, but that was for another brand, which is no longer functional. The engine can be compared to the V12 in some ways and even its engineers called it the little V12. It has great performance potential and an aural character. It can run on electric power alone but for only up to 13 miles, that too at low speeds. There are four driving modes, which you can select using the switch on the steering wheel. Each of the driving modes involves the electric motor to a different extent.

The vehicle uses an active aero device that will generate downforce; this is the first time that the company has used this device for this purpose on a mid-engined sports car. It can produce more downforce than the previous versions. If we talk about the design, it has some similarities to the other new-era Ferraris like Roma. But it’s different from the F8 tributo. The company also says that classic models like 1963 250 LM have also served as an inspiration for the car’s design.

There are small air intakes and it uses the aero brake calipers. Ducts have been integrated into the headlights. The cabin is tech-rich with a digital gauge cluster, a head-up display, stereo speakers, and two panels.