Exact specifications of the armored protection

Several companies claim their cars to be king of the road, but not many can claim this in the English countryside currently. Here, only one vehicle rules the land and that is Plasan Sandcat.

In the brochure, it has been described as a light tactical vehicle, which we think is very modest. The 4×4 vehicle looks invincible and it has bulletproof glass. It also features a hardened-steel body and loopholes for weapons. When you drive it alongside SUVs, it towers above them and looks giant.

The Plasan’s demonstrator is in the UK and the security forces will evaluate it. We are happy that we got to drive the vehicle. The heaviest duty commercial chassis is used in the vehicle. We tested the Mk4 Sandcat, which had a Super Duty chassis. The exact specifications of the armored protection have not been revealed, but what’s known is that it consists of 10mm of hardened steel and composite armor. The vehicle we drove was rated Stanag 2+ and it was proofed against grenades as well as Dragunov sniper rifle bullets.

We drove the vehicle in an area, which has a bit negative reputation, but we were hoping nothing bad would happen during our test. When we got inside and sat on the seat, we were shocked at the effort required to close the door. This is where I learned how heavy armored steel is. When the door shuts, the sound produced is solid too.

The forward view was very clear, as you can expect, and there wasn’t any problem looking through the thick armored windscreen. The scenario with the side view was different, though. The dashboard is similar to the one in the Ford truck. Surprisingly, the interior is user-friendly, and it has clear instruments. The major controls and pedals are placed in positions where they should be.

It’s not every day that you get to drive such a vehicle, and we certainly enjoyed this experience. Hopefully, we will get to drive this vehicle again and more vehicles like this.