Enhanced agility on challenging roads

The details for the upcoming Audi RS3 are out before it is to be revealed to the customers. The vehicle has a four-wheel-drive system meant to offer enhanced performance. The smallest RS model from the company will be delivered to the customers in the UK from September in two body styles. It has gained a new torque splitter from Magna, it’s not the only model in the performance division to get this; several other models will also get the new torque splitter.

The torque splitter is similar to the one used by its rival from Mercedes. It is said to offer enhanced agility on challenging roads and greater traction. The vehicle would be able to perform controlled drifts in the torque rear driving mode. Both performance versions have been given a dedicated track mode from the company called RS Performance.

It will work with the track-ready Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires and have its own drivetrain mapping. These tires will be provided as an option. The vehicle gets the same petrol engine as the previous version. The power output is the same as before, but it would deliver an increased torque output.

It also uses the same seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It has seven driving modes as well as a coast function used in comfort and auto mode. They have also added a petrol particulate filter, so the engine could comply with the emission rules.

There is a modular vehicle dynamics controller, just like in the standard version. Through this controller, you can change the settings of the torque vectoring system and adaptive dampers. For the 19in wheels, the customers will have the option to choose from two tires. Audi has also upgraded the brakes.

We have shared the details received so far, the prices and specification information will be announced after the vehicle is revealed. It is expected to be revealed soon. As soon as official announcements are made from the company regarding prices and specifications, we will share them with you.