Electrification phase has brought many changes

Where the electrification phase has brought many changes to the car industry and how we drive the vehicles, one particular change and a good one has been regarding their near-silent drivetrains. Our perception of refinement a few years back when electric cars were not so common was different than what it is now.

In the last few years, this area has improved greatly and the latest example of this is the new Maybach S680 from Mercedes. It has a V12 engine, that’s as quiet as it gets. The vehicle has a longer wheelbase than the model on which it is based, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It offers many excellent features, but the quietness of its engine is in a league of its own.

The engine works with a nine-speed gearbox and a four-wheel-drive system. It produces less power output and less torque output than the previous version, but still more than what you are offered by the Ghost. At low speeds, you would find the engine almost silent and when you hit the pace, it only produces a distant hum.

The vehicle also uses the Active Road Noise Compensation System that only adds to its quietness. Think of the system as noise-canceling headphones. It detects unwanted sounds and produces sound waves to cancel them out. The vehicle is quiet and calm and it performs brilliantly as well. Despite being heavy, it’s very quick and among the best cruisers in the world. Not only it offers the driver a great driving experience, but it also presents the passengers with a pleasant experience.

It offers incredible refinement and a great performance. The ride experience is excellent, and both the drivers and passengers would be delighted. Such features are incredible from such a large car. But it could be one of the last models from the company that uses a V12 engine, due to its CO2 emissions. So, if you can afford it, you should get it, as you might not get a chance to buy this vehicle again.