Earn rewards on your daily shopping

When you are shopping from a grocery store you expect to get some benefits like quality, affordability, and opportunity to earn rewards. Meijer provides you these benefits and much more. Now, your grocery shopping would be more fun, easy, and rewarding like never before.

Perks and benefits of purchasing from them

Perks and benefits of purchasing from them

If you talk about the quality of the products, Meijer is up there with the top brands in America. Whether you purchase fruits and vegetables or bakery items, you will get fresh and quality products. They also sell their own products that ensure more quality and fewer prices. They don’t compromise on their customers’ health that is why they ensure total food safety.

Furthermore they also allow you to shop from home, important for those who don’t get enough time to do grocery shopping at the store. You will have to pay a specified amount for every time you order home delivery. You don’t need to be a member to order home delivery but still you need to have an account to use this service.

Meijer provides you with different ways of saving on your purchases and earning rewards on your daily shopping. Their biggest program is mPerks rewards. It allows you to earn 2% cashback in rewards but for only purchasing qualifying items. It provides you with rewards for your everyday shopping, whether you purchase groceries or other items.

You are also provided with pharmacy rewards. Even though the deals they provide are already great they allow you to save even more with mPerks pharmacy rewards. Now, if you fill five prescriptions you can use your rewards to purchase anything from the store. Whenever you pay for the prescription you have to enter your PIN and ID at the checkout.

Become a mPerks member now and avail all these benefits. Special deals and offers are also provided to the members such as 15% off on general grocery shopping and other awesome deals. They also have a mobile app that makes it easier for you to shop. You can shop, track your savings, and coupons, view receipts and make a shopping list.