Choice of touch screen or rotary dial inputs

When the first-generation 4 Series Convertible was launched, there were many who didn’t like the fact that it looked like the Coupe version, and also the fact that it looked like the 3 Series Saloon, as both the vehicles were based on this.

So the latest 4 Series Convertible is a model for those people. This version has a better road presence than the previous version, as it has switched to a fabric roof from the metal roof and it also carries the controversial front end. The range-topping version is especially excellent in this regard.

It has seen an increase in width and length and there is a new vertical grille, which will make sure that no one mistakes it for another model, not anytime soon. It has the most powerful powertrain in the lineup as it gives up the previous engine for the new model that sends power and torque through the all-wheel-drive system. Although the rear-drive-only version of the vehicle is available in several countries, it won’t be available in the UK.

The vehicle weighs more than the Coupe, and it has affected its acceleration, but only slightly. But it’s still rapid and you can feel that when you drive it. There is an eight-speed transmission box, which is more responsive in automatic. The interior gives you the impression of 3 series and we think it’s a good thing. A lot of premium materials have been used and the driving position is fairly relaxed. The infotainment system is quite impressive too, and you have the choice of touch screen or rotary dial inputs. It has a widescreen display and to make the most of it, Android Auto and wireless CarPlay have been integrated into it.

If you are looking for a four-seat convertible, then this vehicle is the right option for you. Other companies are also planning to launch such a vehicle like Mercedes and Audi but you would have to wait to buy them. Ford also provides a similar vehicle, but compared to the BMW model, its road precision and in-cabin refinement are less impressive.