Changes to the interior are clear as well

The all-electric Macan is supposed to be revealed and launched next year, but, from time to time we have been able to get its spy shots. This time we can look at its design and the cabin for the first time.

A few weeks ago, the car was officially previewed by the company, but now we have got shots of the pre-production prototype, which give us a good idea of what could be expected from the final model. The changes in the design ensure that the electric vehicle is different from the current version. The roofline is lower and it has slimmed-down headlights. Changes have been made to the rear end as well.

The changes to the interior are clear as well. The conventional gear shifter has been removed as it is an all-electric vehicle. It has been replaced by a center console with a small rotary knob, which more likely, will be used to control the central infotainment screen and the climate control touchscreen. It will also have a new generation communication system as well as a digital gauge cluster.

The company’s director of SUV said in 2019 that the petrol version of the vehicle will also be sold with the electric vehicle. The high-performance model will be launched next year and it will have the turbo badge, presenting it as the top-of-the-range version. The director of SUV said that the traditional version will also be offered for some time because there are people who are not yet ready for electric vehicles. This means that there will be two cars on offer.

The upcoming vehicle will be based on the updated version of the platform that the company used for the latest Taycan. According to the company’s Deputy Chairman, the platform can save 26% of the cost. Apart from the Porsche models, this platform can only be used for the Audi models, as of now, and it will be used by the Q6 E-tron from Audi.

Though both vehicles are different, the challenges of developing both vehicles are quite similar. The company is working hard to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the current Macan. They have asked the Taycan team to work on it. They don’t want to give anything up to make the vehicle more aerodynamic and they have done this before with Taycan.