Careful when going to tire depot

Director says they have been busy as there were many challenges and they have worked continuously so they can achieve their goals. New tire labeling rules have been applied from 1 May 2021 meant to provide more information on tires performances. There is also a requirement that the labels must be shown to the vehicle owners, so they can make a better decision when purchasing the tires.

If you want to talk about any type of tire, he is your man. The driver didn’t know the tire was like this. Smeeth said it could be a slow puncture. The tire pressure monitoring system must have given a warning but the drivers often don’t pay much attention to it.

We have always been careful when going to tire depot; they have posters that warn you of the damages to the tires and they have their ways of making you pay by frightening you. We have always thought that the main difference between budget and premium tires is the profit the shop makes. But the case with this tire is different and the split has shocked us as well as the management of the depot.

We are reminded that every tire contains a DOT code that tells when the tire was manufactured. It is recommended to replace a tire after 6 to 9 years and though it is legal, you have to be careful when buying a classic tire. We also discussed the challenges they are facing around stock, as there is a global semiconductor shortage.

They sell the tires up to that age, but not every shop would do this, so, you have to be careful. He also told us that a tire is considered new even if it’s 4 years old. The tire you got four years ago could very likely be 8 years old now. We are happy to discover that most of the new tires in their shop were manufactured only recently.