Britain’s biggest investor in battery technology

A few months ago Graham Hoare left the role as chairman of Ford and became the chairman of Britishvolt. It’s Britain’s biggest investor in battery technology that aims to build the country’s first gigafactory manufacturing batteries for electric cars.

He agrees that it is a big career change and it wouldn’t have been possible in another era. During his excellent engineering career, he worked at companies like BMW and Land Rover.

At the age of 54, he became the chairman of Ford of Britain due to his remarkable performance as an engineer. The event that motivated him to leave the position of chairman and accept the new electrification role wasn’t automotive and according to him, it all started during the initial days of this situation. His company built 11,700 ventilators in over 2 months while working with the government and other entities. These ventilators were built in three factories that had over 2430 employees. It wasn’t easy and they were scared but he likes to make quick decisions. It also made him realize that you can’t find a better place for collaboration than the UK.

The demand for electric vehicles was on the rise which made them realize that the electric transition would happen faster than they had thought previously. So when he was asked to lead the country’s biggest battery maker, he accepted the role and didn’t think twice about it. It’s a great opportunity for him, and the company can benefit from his industrial knowledge, great contacts, as well as effective communication with the government.

He said the company doesn’t just want to the UK-centric as it has global shareholders and wants to tackle global ventures. They plan to create a battery plant in Canada as well. This role is certainly important to him and he wants the company to achieve its goals and become a leading force in battery technology. We are sure that he has what it takes to achieve these goals.