Bolder look makes the care more desirable

Even though there is a lot at stake, the Nissan didn’t shy away from changing the design. Of all the British Automotive success stories, Nissan Qashqai is our favorite and it’s arguably the biggest as well.

You might be thinking how it’s a British success story when the company is Japanese, that’s because it’s a product of the UK when it comes to design, manufacture, and execution. It was designed in a London studio, built in the factory located in the city of Sunderland, and developed at a technical center located in Cranfield. Since its launch in 2006, it has seen only success, but whether or not, it’s the first true crossover is up for debate.

But what everyone would agree about is the fact that it was the first vehicle to make this concept popular. It offered family-friendly practicality and a better driving experience than many other SUVs, and this is why it sold more than 3 million units. But when the vehicle was launched, it was the only car in its class, and today it has over 28 rivals. In the C-SUV segment, it is still on top and enjoying 8% of sales in the UK, but the company realizes the fact that the latest vehicle won’t benefit much from the success of the previous generations.

If the latest version of the vehicle is to enjoy the same top spot that the previous versions enjoyed, it needs to offer only the best in every segment. With more space, better quality, and enhanced technology, the car is expected to do well in the market. The latest version has a bolder look with sharp creases and bold curves, and it has that distinctive design that made the original version so desirable.

Changes have been made to the steering; it’s still rather lifeless, but it’s better than before. If you drive the vehicle at a normal speed, you can get a calm and relaxing experience with excellent rolling refinement and a little noise from the suspension. Though at higher speeds, the driving experience might not be as good. What we don’t like about the vehicle is that they have not provided an electric version. A hybrid model will be launched later this year but electric and plug-in hybrid versions won’t be launched.