Audi can combine the traditional elements

We don’t think any company can combine the traditional elements with the latest technology and get as good a product as Audi. The new SQ8 is the latest example of that. It shows how well the company can use the best technology and create a brilliant luxury car.

It seems simple, but the problem is when you decide what engines the lower-order cars should have or when you are overseeing the developing areas of the market, you can make it hard for yourself by not taking the most direct route. But, it’s not like the rules can’t be broken.

The company had to make many exceptions when it turned the performance models under the S badge to diesel engines two years ago. The reason was to cut the CO2 emissions. Several Audi models including S8 and SQ2 have petrol engines.

The vehicle has an engine designed by Porsche. This is the engine whose different iterations have also been used in many Bentley and Porsche models. It produces a good power output and now it can read 61.7mph in less time, but it has also reduced the fuel economy.

There might be some people that were very happy with the previous version and they won’t be pleased in such a way with this version. But the company believes that the growth in the top luxury SUV market is due to the petrol engines and if you can afford a vehicle like this, you probably don’t care whether it runs on petrol or diesel engine.

The engine is quite impressive; it offers different drive modes, has a brilliant throttle response, and offers power that you don’t usually expect in a luxury SUV. If you want a modern SUV that could serve as both a luxury vehicle and a status symbol, then you should consider getting this vehicle. The vehicle has bold styling, it offers exceptional digital graphics, and the driving experience is also great.