Astra is undergoing a two-year development program

Recently we were asked to drive prototypes of the upcoming Astra. This model is very important for the company and they know that they have to get this right. The vehicle has been the best-selling model for the company for many years and probably it’s the most popular vehicle of the brand as well. We are seeing more and more pure electric vehicles running on the road, about 12% of the overall sales of the company belong to traditional vehicles. The company expects the figure to remain like this till 2030 for even after that.

The vehicle is undergoing a two-year development program and now it’s in the final stages. The prototypes we tested were the initial hand-built examples. The vehicle is expected to go on sales in the UK in September.

The vehicle has been re-engineered, just like the latest Corsa. Its parent company Stellantis oversaw the whole process. The biggest change is probably the adoption of a new platform. Adopting a big new platform is a big change for the company and it means that all the models will now only be available with front-wheel drive.

The models we tested were under total disguise and they won’t be unwrapped for the next few weeks. But we could tell that it has taken a lot from its previous versions in terms of styling.

The change in profile is probably what stands out the most. The vehicle has new LED headlights as well as new badges at the rear. The new model is longer, lower, and wider than the previous version. According to the company, the model will offer greater interior space and more boot capacity.

We couldn’t see much of the interior as well, as it was under disguise, but it wasn’t hard to tell that it has a different driving position than the previous model. The cabin offers a more premium experience and enhanced digital functionality. The dashboard was fully disguised too, so so we can’t tell you much about it either.