Additional carbon styling elements on different parts

The American supercar Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray will be sold in the United Kingdom in right-hand-drive form for the first time. It was revealed recently and it will be available for purchase in the country at the end of this year. The vehicle was launched 65 years ago and it will be the first time that it will be available in the right-hand-drive form.

It will be available in two guises: coupe and convertible. Initially, it will be available in the Launch Edition trim and eight different options will be offered for each version.

The Z51 performance package and 2LT trim will be available as standard with all models. Over the US car, the models that will be sold in Europe will see several hardware upgrades. These upgrades include larger brake discs, a shorter axle ratio, and a manually adjustable suspension. They will also have an aerodynamically enhancing body kit. Additional equipment includes a data recorder, a rear camera mirror, and a head-up display.

Some models will also have the higher 3LT trim and include features like upgraded seats and additional carbon styling elements on different parts. They will also feature a magnetic ride control system, which won’t be available in the standard models. The vehicle would compete in Europe with models from Porsche and Ferrari. This is why for the first time it has got a mid-engined layout.

The first version of the vehicle was launched in 1953 and since then they have featured both front-engine and rear-drive layout, and it’s the first time that the engine is placed behind the driver. The head of General Motors said last year that the new layout is necessary as you can’t get more performance from the conventional front-engined vehicle. The new vehicle would offer the same levels of comfort and fun, but the driving experience would be better than what any model has offered before.